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  • How water treatment plant?

    A: should immediately unplug the battery , hard water thrown , placed in ventilated and dry place to dry , and sent to the repair station maintenance as soon as possible . If they have the ability to repair , you first open the machine , with a hair dryer ( Note that the temperature is not too high ) , or placed in the sun to dry ( at least one day ) , remove foreign bodies each connector , installed test, if not normal , please send repair

  • The main application areas in which walkie-talkie ?

    A: The intercom is mainly used in public security, civil aviation, transportation , water conservancy , railway, manufacturing, construction and services industries , communications and dispatching groups for members to improve communication efficiency and improve the processing ability to respond quickly to incidents . With walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping began increasing use of walkie-talkie.

  • How far call from the walkie-talkie ?

    A: Conventional walkie-talkie call from clearings up 5-8 kilometers in urban areas up to 1-3 km , in the case of tall buildings or mountains to block the case distance calls will be relatively short .
    When there is talk walkie-talkie network supports distances of up to several tens of kilometers . Networking is the use of a relay station ( also known as a base station or repeater ) , automatically receives the transmitted signal from the walkie-talkie , and its amplification and forwarding. You can expand the walkie-talkie communications network coverage extends distance calls , open to up to 10-20 kilometers ( handheld walkie-talkie ) or 30-50 km ( car radio ) , the building can cover basements, underground parking with fire exits and other shielding serious , usually called the dead areas.

  • What are the safety precautions during use walkie-talkies have ?

    A: In the car with airbags , not within the scope of the walkie-talkie in the air bag deployment may be involved . If the radio may be involved in a regional context airbag deployment , once the balloon rapidly , with walkie-talkies could greatly impact injuries to persons inside the vehicle ;
    2、In a potentially explosive atmosphere or occasion , except by special radio is certified explosion-proof radio, walkie-talkie must be closed otherwise . In a potentially explosive atmosphere , spark could cause an explosion or fire ;
    3、Do not replace the batteries or recharge the batteries in a potentially explosive atmosphere . Installation and may cause contact spark when removing the battery and cause an explosion ;
    4、Before and detonators near the area where blasting area must first close the radio, in order to avoid a possible explosion.

  • How to maintain walkie-talkie ?

    A: a walkie-talkie after long-term use , according to Jian, control knobs and cabinet easily become dirty , remove the control knob from the radio, and with a neutral detergent ( do not use strong corrosive chemicals ) and a damp cloth to clean the cabinet . Use as detergents, alcohol , chemical sprays or oil preparations may cause damage to the shell surface and walkie-talkies ;
    2、gently radio, not hand-held walkie-talkie antenna moves ;
    3、headphones and other accessories when not in use , close the dust cover ( if equipped ) .

  • intercom call to pay it?

    A: conventional walkie-talkie to talk to do not pay . No matter how much you use frequently , every year you only need to pay tens of dollars every walkie-talkie frequency occupation fee can, such as the use of public radio you do not need to pay any fees.

  • walkie-talkie antenna Precautions?

    A: Use only WEIERWEI a wife or approved antenna. Unauthorized antennas , modifications, or by adding attachments may damage the walkie-talkie antenna or breach Radio Authority 's Ministry of Information Industry ;
    2、When using , do not hand pick the antenna ;
    3、walkie-talkie antenna can not unscrew , or easy to burn out when the power tube transmitter ;
    4、Do not use a damaged antenna. At launch , if damaged antenna contacts skin , it may cause minor burns .

  • Can the intercom call

    A: In the case of network support conditions , intercom can be used to call. However, if just a regular conversation between stand-alone , you can not realize the function call .
    Q: Will there be radiation intercom
    A: The intercom is designed to meet the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Information Industry [2001 ] No. 869 document , does not harm the human body , and is not close to the body when using a walkie-talkie call , but the body 5-7 cm distance calls.

  • intercom FAQ deal

    A: No dialogue with other members within the group
    First, confirm whether the frequency and sub- audio signal that you are using the same as the other members of the group ; If there is no problem , please confirm the other members of the group are in the service area.
    When using the intercom each receive a sound or voice intermittent small
    Check the intercom at the MIC microphone hole is blocked ( No Please send repair station maintenance ) .
    Can not boot or frequent Down
    Check the walkie-talkie battery contacts are deformed , the power switch is loose. How to handle the machine inlet
    After the machine should immediately unplug the battery water , hard water thrown , placed in ventilated and dry place to dry , and strive in the shortest time to a repair station maintenance.